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Monday, November 8, 2010

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My attempt at Parsvottanasana!

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Parsvottanasana - Intense Side Stretch Pose

parsva = side, flank
ut = intense
tan = to stretch or extend

How to get in and out of Parsvottanasana


Start off in Tadasana also known as Mountain Pose. *This is the base of all postures and roots you to the earth.


Bend your legs and jump open to the length of hands. *You may adjust the difference between your feet to what you are comfortable, (but not drastically) when you are in your position.

Turn your left foot (front leg) so it is in line with your left knee.

Turn your right foot (back leg) so it is almost directly in line with your front foot.

Turn your body so it is in line with your front foot.

Place your hand on your hips.

Make sure your hips are parallel to the floor and level to one another.

Root your feet to the earth and press into the backside of your back foot
Contract all the muscles in both legs so the knee is active. *In order to form a strong base.

Breathe and lengthen your torso and spine.

Bend at your waist and lead with your heart's center.

Lengthen and bend with each breath.

Press into the earth and your back foot and slowly come out of the position.

*Repeat these steps on the opposite leg/side.


If you are unable to do the full pose: practice on a wall as demonstrated below

Actions and Muscles invloved in Parsvottanasana

This particular pose involves the:


The main actions within this pose consist of:

•a strong base

Physical Benefits

-Improve balance and posture
-Stretch the spine, legs and arms, hips
-Strengthen your legs.
-Realign entire body and open your chest.
-Gain flexibility !

Therapeutic Benefits

-Improves digestion
-Soothes the brain and nervous system
-Calms mind, body and spirit
-Relieves arthritis of the neck, shoulders and elbows and wrists


Parsvottanasana is very strenuous in my eyes. All muscles in your body must be active when doing this pose in order for you to have a strong base and an overall strong/ correct pose. This pose not only involves muscle but also flexibility and the ability to let yourself go. This comes into place when you begin to bend at your waist and continue to bend with each breath. Tapas is also used in this posture because for me, I must discipline myself in order to achieve this pose even for a moment.


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